make your beauty lasting with permanent makeup

What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup involves a multitude of techniques to highlight what makes you beautiful. This area of cosmetics is as diverse as any other, including both reconstructive procedures and alterations that are purely aesthetic.

Is permanent makeup right for me?
Permanent makeup is right for everyone! Whether you’re looking to simplify your daily routine or add a unique mark of beauty all your own, permanent makeup offers a solution. And thanks to autoclave technology, these procedures are completely risk free.

Microblading/3D Eyebrows - $350

Microblading is a technique that the artist can use to sweep lines into the eyebrow and embellish it with a defined look that pops. This procedure leaves eyebrows looking full and natural. (Click image to see real clients!)

Microshading - $375

This technique shades in the eyebrows for a softer, yet still full appearance. Microshading can be used to restore the brow and even add arch to the natural shape. (Click image to see real clients!)

Eyeliners - Upper $250, Lower $150, Dual $350

Whether you're wanting the soft lines of tightly packed eyelashes or a more defined look, semi-permanent eye liner can save you time in front of the mirror and assure you have a look that is flawless every time.

Lip Liner/Full Lip Color - $300/$450

Lip coloring and lip liner can be used to revitalize lips, giving them a brighter, lively look and allow for reshaping in the process. You can leave the lipstick at home after this procedure!

Beauty Spots - $50 per spot

Whether your looking to accentuate a beauty mark you already have or add one that isn't there, permanent makeup allows for you to enhance your own aesthetic.

Aereola Repigmentation - Call for Consultation

Over time or as a result of a medical procedure, aereolas can fade and lose their original color. A color correction procedure can be used to return them to their natural appearance.

Scar Camoflauge - Call for Consultation

Whether it be unsightly scar tissue or patches of depigmentation, a session of color treatment can blend your trouble spots with your natural skin tone.

Hair Implantation - Call for Consultation

Alopecia can occur as a natural result of aging or an unintended side effect of face lift procedures. Permanent makeup can be used to create full and even hair lines where your hair may no longer grow.